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11th anniversary

Nashua is the only city in the United States that hosts an annual international sculpture symposium.  This year we celebrated our 12th Anniversary.

closing ceremony

The International Sculpture Symposium is a community project.  Except for the artists’ stipends and raw materials, the community generously donates all other needs for a successful event.


Jon Barlow Hudson was born in Montana in 1945.  Since receiving his MFA in 1972 from Cal-Arts, followed by 2 years at a CA gold mine, he has been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public environments throughout the United States.


Jocelyn Pratt is an established New Zealand sculptor presenting modernist interpretive works representative of natural forms.  Ms Pratt favours working with local resources, exploring and enhancing the natural qualities of stone with polish and texture techniques.


Gerard Oroo Motondi was born in Kenya, 1965.  He has a special feeling towards things and can express those feelings through his unique art language.  Endless striving and exploring make him a outstanding African sculptor.

Attend Events

The opening for 2019 was on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 from 6-8 PM at Hunt Community on the corner of Allds and Main Streets, Nashua NH

get involved

Help us make this Great Event happen.  Prepare a meal, volunteer your time, donate funds or sponsor a sculpture.

We have placed over 30 sculptures throughout Nashua.  Follow the Map to see them all.