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“Life is like an echo: what you send out comes back to you.” – Unknown

Donations are always appreciated in the form of time, money or resources.  This can be done in simple ways through our fundraisers, a sculpture sponsorship, or through a donation.  The Sculpture Symposium is a community project.  As a community we need to provide housing, food and transportation for the artists when they visit.  We need to raise $31,000 each year to cover costs for the artists to come and for materials.  Consider an outright donation of time or funds or help support us through one of our fundraisers.

Consider housing an artist for three weeks, picking up an artist at the airport, bringing lunch to the work site one day, driving artists back to their host homes an evening, coordinating the food or transportation, or helping to organize one of our fundraisers.

Please contact us to donate or find out how you can help.

Event and Sculpture Sponsorship Opportunities

The Nashua International Sculpture Symposium offers the opportunity to sponsor one of the many beautiful sculptures that have been created over the years a part of the Symposium.  Sponsorships are a primary means to fund the Symposium.  The cost of a sponsorship is $3,500.

Along with the knowledge that a sponsorship contributes to expanding art in Nashua, the benefits are numerous.  We are very grateful to our sponsors and thank them at every opportunity, such as in our program for the Opening each year, publicity as appropriate, and at the dedication of the sculpture.

The sponsor’s name is prominently displayed on the plaque that is placed with the sculpture.  Interested sponsors are invited to our various events and are welcome and encouraged to participate in making the Symposium a success.

For more information, please click on this link:

Sponsorship Opportunities


Any amount is gratefully appreciated and we provide acknowledgment of donations.  Consider the opportunity to sponsor a sculpture, buy equipment, or sponsor an event.

To find out more or how you can participate contact us.