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Growing in Harmony

tom allan location
tom allan sculpture
tom allan

Tom Allan, Scotland


Tom Allan MA, ARBS, PAI, SSA, was trained at Glasgow Art School and in Carrara, Italy. Sculpting since 1977, Tom exhibits widely throughout Britain. He has participated in many sculpture symposia, organizing four in Scotland, and was elected Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2006.

Tom says, “For me sculpture in stone has been a passion for forty years. I see it as an expressive art form, shaping stone to convey emotion, as a painter uses colour and form.”

Tom works and teaches at his studio in Gartcosh and also in Carrara. His work is in public and private collections in Europe, Australia, and the Americas

Artist’s Statement

My sculpture was carved using the organic shapes suggested by the granite boulder. I have attempted to convey the feeling of a group of plant forms – shoots, leaves, ferns – growing upwards together.

The spirals of the ferns are a particularly symbolic image, used in art worldwide. They also suggest musical references, such as the scroll of a violin or the treble clef, to reinforce the theme of harmony in the musical sense. I was particularly pleased to discover that the edible ferns in the Nashua area are called “fiddleheads”.

In the carving I have tried to keep the feeling of the boulder, to emphasize the texture of the stone, and to give the stone a new life.


Rail Trail on Pine Street.

View sculpture map here.