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Symposium Covid-19 Guidelines 

We are following a strict set of guidelines that have been advised, reviewed and approved by Bobbie Bagley, Director of Public Health and Community Services of the City of Nashua.  

The Sculptors’ contracts have been updated to include the following:
• Quarantining at home for two weeks before coming here.
• Driving to Nashua with limited stops for fuel.
• Willing take Covid-19 test if asked.

Host Families:
Shaunae Nolet will host Taylor Apostol in her home.  She has a two-bedroom apartment.

Judy and Bob Carlson will host Kelly Cave in their home.  They have an extra bedroom and bathroom.

Judy and Fred McManus have two rooms with a bathroom in a small building on their property.  Elijah Ober will be in one of the guest rooms.  This room has a shared bathroom with the tenant in the other room.  They have asked the other tenant, who is fine with sharing a bathroom with Elijah.

All hosts are aware of the risks and are willing to welcome a Sculptor into their homes.

All hosts agree to have cleaning supplies and disinfectant wipes in the bathrooms and bedrooms for the Sculptors to use.

All hosts and Sculptors will wear masks and wash hands often when in each other’s company.

All hosts and Sculptors will isolate/quarantine if a member in the host home or Sculptor develop COVID 19 symptoms.

They agree to self-quarantine and contact their medical provider for recommendations as well as get tested.

If the Sculptor’s test reveals a positive test result, the Sculptor agrees to isolate and follow instructions provided by the State and local health department.

If the host home has members who are identified as close contacts (less than 6 feet for a period of time of ten minutes or more in one interaction) they will self-quarantine and be tested.  Public Health will follow the individuals.

The Symposium will provide a supply of face masks, gloves and sanitizer for the Sculptors to keep with them and use at all times while in Nashua.


The Picker Artists building, 3 Pine Street, Nashua
Thursday, August 20, 2020
5:30 PM
Participants will include: Board of Directors, Mayor Donchess, Sculptors, hosts, and a few select individuals.

The Opening of the Symposium and Welcoming of the Sculptors to Nashua will not be open to the public in person.

A plan is being developed to have the Opening streamed on the internet and also aired on local TV for all to join us from their homes.

The Sculptors and our Artistic Director will work outside of the building at The Picker Artists building, 3 Pine Street in Nashua.

The Sculptors have an indoor area as well to work in.  This area is separate from the Artists’ studios.

There are bathrooms just outside their indoor work area for them to use.

Bobbie Bagley and her team will tour the building prior to the Symposium to view the work area.  The Symposium Board will make any and all changes or adjustments as advised.