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Sponsorship Opportunities

Ways to Sponsor a Sculpture

Sculpture sponsorship plays an important role in the symposium’s success.  Our Symposium would not exist without the generosity of the community.  The cost of a sponsorship is $3,500.

Sponsorships can be by one person, such as ”We Are.”  A group of up to ten contributors can sponsor a sculpture beginning at $350 each, such as “Mother and Child.”  A sculpture can be sponsored in memory of a loved one, such as”Turtle Island.”  Other sponsorship ideas are always welcome.

Donations can be via PayPal or check made out to the Nashua International Sculpture Symposium and mailed to 3 Pine Street, Nashua, NH 03060.

Reasons to Sponsor a Sculpture

The Symposium has no paid staff and would not exist without the generosity of the community.  Our costs are our three sculptors’ stipends ($3,000 each), which helps cover their travel costs; our Artistic Director ($5,000), which covers the three plus Symposium weeks (6 days a week, 10 hours plus a day) and preparation time getting materials and tools ready; stone and other materials ($3,000); and tools ($5,000).  The 2019 Symposium had additional costs for new tools and 3 Pine Street fit-up, including a compressor and upgraded wiring.

Unsponsored Sculptures










Benefits of Sponsoring a Sculpture

Along with the knowledge that a sponsorship contributes to expanding art in Nashua, the benefits are numerous.  We are very grateful to our sponsors and thank them at every opportunity, such as in our program for the Opening Celebration each year, publicity as appropriate, and at the dedication of the sculpture.  The sponsor’s name is prominently displayed on the plaque that is permanently placed with the sculpture.  Sponsors are invited to our various events and are welcomed and acknowledged whenever possible, including in the Yearbook.

We invite you to support this community project.
Your contribution is an important piece of our annual symposium.
Thank you for your support!

Joycelyn Pratt
Bird Dreaming 2
Gerard Motondi
Germination of a Spirit
Jon Hudson Barlow
Cloud Hands