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Are you looking to explore the public sculptures gifted to the City by artists of the Nashua Sculpture Symposium?
Walk or bike the Downtown sculpture loop, 2.5 miles: enjoy the beauty of Nashua enhanced by sculptures!

Click here to view a GIS map designed by Angelo Marino.

Find out more by downloading our Brochure, which includes both images of the sculptures and a printable map.


Nashua Sculpture Symposium walking tour map click here.

Past Symposiums

(*Sculptures awaiting sponsorship.)

2008 Sculptures

1.  Birth of Venus James Gannon (Ireland)*
2.  For Frank Lloyd Wright Vaclav Fiala (Czech Republic)
3.  Frida Rota Tomas Oliva (Cuba)
4.  Monument to Memory John Weidman (USA)
5.  Moon Shadow Mai Thu Van (Vietnam)

2009 Sculptures

6.  Ancient Future John Weidman (USA), Location TBD*
7.  Encounter Luben Boykov (Bulgaria/Canada)
8.  Path of Truth Sarah Mae Wasserstrum (Israel)
9.  Steps of Respect Michele Golia (Italy)

2010 Sculptures

10.  Diversity The Chisel Sculpture and Design Team (Nashua NH)
11.  Ghost Wilkie Joe Montroy (Newington NH)*
12.  Moose Myth Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein (Jamaica Plain MA) temporary sculpture formerly at #15

2012 Sculptures

13.  Ascending Egyptian Turtle Hassan Kamel (Egypt)*
14.  La Tortue Michel Argouges (France)*
15.  Turtle Island Tom Huff (USA, Native American)

2013 Sculptures

16.  La Familia Tony Jimenez (Costa Rica)
17.  Latin American Bus Miguel Velit (Peru)*
18.  A Walk Through Triumph Julio Aguilera (Venezuela)

2014 Sculptures

19.  Crocodilian Kim Sunjin (Korea)
20.  Mirage of a Horse Amgalan Tsevegmid (Mongolia)
21.  Transformation of Beelzebub Lasha Khidasheli (Republic of Georgia)*

2015 Sculptures

22.  Passage Petre Petrov (Bulgaria)*
23.  Mother and Child Ennica Mukomberanwa (Zimbabwe)
24.  Connected Ana Duncan (Ireland)*

2016 Sculptures

25.  Stay Connected Gopinath Subbanna (India)
26.  Between Vasilis Vasili (Greece)
27.  Speaking Bush Asta Vasiliaukaite (Lithuania)

2017 Sculptures

28. Together Mai Tu Van (Vietnam)
29. We Are All Related Tom Huff (USA, Native American)
30. For the Love of Friendship Tony Jimenez (Costa Rica)

2018 Sculptures

31. Growing in Harmony Tom Allan (Scotland)
32. Pacha Mama Carina Fabaro (Chile)
33. We Are Tony Jimenez (Costa Rica)

2019 Sculptures

31. Bird Dreaming 2 Jocelyn Pratt (New Zealand)
32. Cloud Hands Jon Barlow Hudson (Ohio)
33. Germination of a Spirit Gerard Oroo Motondi (Kenya)