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The Birth of Venus


James Gannon, Ireland


James Gannon works with stone and bronze from his studios in Dublin and Roscommon. In 1991 he was awarded the Gold Medal for Granite Sculpture in the Irish Landscape Exhibit in EXPO’91 Osaka, Japan.

His public commissions include a large granite sculpture in a new housing development for the Travelling Community at Parslickstown, Co. Dublin, and a series of sculptures decorating the facade of the city’s Fruit and Fish Market Buildings. In 2001 he was selected to represent Ireland at the Symposium du Granit des Marches de Bretagne, France. In 2003 James was invited to participate in the 5th International Sculpture Symposium at the Andreas Institute of Art, New Hampshire.  For more information, visit his website.

Artist Vision

“Constant rebirth like the waves breaking on the shore.”

The sculpture is made with serpentine granite and is the second in a series which includes the first Birth of Venus, created in marble that was displayed at the National Botanical Gardens.


On the corner of Sargent and Greeley Street, behind Holman Stadium

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