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Moon Shadow


Mai Thi Thu Van, Vietnam


Mai Thi Thu Van was born in 1964 and is a professor at the Hanoi Fine Arts University. Her knowledge of the arts expands to ceramics and painting.  She is recognized internationally for her sculpture work, uses abstract forms expressed through stone to reflect metal, wood, fire, water and earth in nature.   In the past, she has participated in international sculpture symposia as well as done group and solo exhibitions in Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea.  Her awards include a Silver Medal at the National Fine Arts Exhibitions 2000, Second Prize at the National Sculpture Exhibition 2003, and various other accolades.

Artist Vision

“Under the Moon everything will be more beautiful.”

Mai Thi Thu Van is known for her love of nature and wanted to show her love for the beautiful full moon in this creation.  The sphere carved into the largest of the five pieces of sculpture results in dramatic casting of the moon’s shadow onto the opposite stone.


At the terrace at the Nashua Public Library in downtown Nashua off Court Street

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