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A Walk Through Triumph

Julio Aguilera working
Julio Aguilera

Julio Aguilera, Venezuela


Julio Aguilera is a Venezuelan-American painter and sculptor born in Caita, Caracas in 1961. The comparison of his work to Picasso’s cubist elements is clear, though he takes it a step further by applying geometric techniques to suspend the foreground in three dimensions  Not only do his subjects pop from the canvas, they appear to be anchored in air by angles rather than positioned on a surface.

Some of Julio’s work can be viewed at Mogi’z Hair Salon & Art Gallery in south Nashua.

Artist Vision

The lowest person has one foot on land and one foot on the block and represents an immigrant coming to the United States; the second one has each foot on a different block and shows their hard work and progression; the third one is stepping off the last block, representing moving on to the next stage of life.


Boys & Girls Club (near fence with Ledge St School)

View sculpture map here.