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Transformation of Beelzebub

Lasha Khidasheli
Transformation of Beelzebub

Lasha Khidasheli, Republic of Georgia


Lasha has a master’s degree with the qualification of Artist-Sculptor from the State Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. The founder of this classical art school was Jacob Nikoladze, disciple of famous sculptor Auguste Rodin.

I am a contemporary artist, but in my opinion every artist has to have a classical foundation. From 1995 to 1998 I worked as an Instructor at the Academy and I created a special program for student sculptors, which was very successful. It is a blessing to teach and share the knowledge, but a passion and the creative power within me was craving to be expressed into the sculptor. Decision was made: I had to fulfill my dreams as an artist, and then teach. I followed my dreams and in 1999 came to the United States.

Artist Vision

Beelzebub in mythology is a fallen angel. In my understanding, Beelzebub represents the mind. What is mind? Mind is based in fear, judgment, hatefulness. Mind is always calculating and always divides us. Mind has powerful right-hand intellect and knowledge and can be used in wrong ways. These kinds of thoughts are negative and drag on us. In religion they call this evil. Evil is mind; it disturbs our emotions and security.

Mind can be positive when it doesn’t want to rule. When it wants to be friend, companion and transform itself to high consciousness.


City Hall

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