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2020 Meals Schedule

This year our Health Protocol states we need to provide meals prepared in restaurants.  Please see the attached “2020 Meals Guidelines Letter” for the details on the necessary changes this year.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Gail at

2020 Meal Guidelines Letter

Listed below are the restaurants and contact information that have agreed to prepare each meal.  Please call and ask for the person on the list two days prior to your date to pay for the meals.  Cost, including tax and gratuity, for lunches will be $52 total (for four meals).  And for dinners, the total will be $72 (for four meals).

You can order your own meals (off their menu, at menu prices) as well, and the cost of your meals will be additional.  Below are participating restaurants and their contact info.

Click this link below to open the current Meals Calendar to see what dates are available.

2020 Meals Calendar


On the days the sculptors are cooking themselves, we need donations to pay for their food.  If you can help, please click the “Donate” button at the top of the website, and donate in any dollar amount you wish.

Thank you so much 🙂



Mondays:  Riverwalk Cafe, Alyssa:  603.546.5505, 35 Railroad Square

Tuesdays:  Buckley’s Bakery & Cafe, Aimee:  603.465-5522, 9 Market Place, Hollis

Wednesdays:  Jaja Belle’s, Jess:  603.769.1873, 143 Main Street

Thursdays:   City Moose Cafe, ‭603.943.5078, 30 Temple Street

Fridays:  Midfield Cafe, Sandy:  603.594.0930, 83 Perimeter Road #1

Saturdays:  Jaja Belle’s, Jess:  603.769.1873, 143 Main Street


Mondays:  Sculptors to cook

Tuesdays:  MT’s Local Kitchen, Karen:  603.595.9334, 212 Main Street

Wednesdays:  Martha’s Exchange, Tanya (or ask for the bar):  603.883.8781, 185 Main Street

Thursdays:  Tostao’s Tapas-Bar, Jonathan:  603.577-1111, 170  Main Street

Fridays:  Sculptors to cook

Saturdays:  Sculptors to cook

And then click the “Sign Up Here”  link to sign up to bring a meal.  You will pay for the meals, and then pick them up and bring them to the sculptors.  Of course, you are more than welcome to purchase (or bring) your meal and join them, weather permitting, as always.  If you can’t pickup and deliver the meal, please let us know and we are happy to do so for you.

Once you fill out the info on the “Sign Up Here” link, we will add you to the calendar, and receive a confirmation email with details.

Thank you again for your continued support of our Symposium.  Once again, we couldn’t do this without you!