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Mai Tu Van, Vietnam


Mai Thi Thu Van was born in 1964 and is a professor at the Hanoi Fine Arts University. Her knowledge of the arts expands to ceramics and painting. She is recognized internationally for her sculpture work, uses abstract forms expressed through stone to reflect metal, wood, fire, water and earth in nature. In the past, she has participated in international sculpture symposia as well as done group and solo exhibitions in Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. Her awards include a Silver Medal at the National Fine Arts Exhibitions 2000, Second Prize at the National Sculpture Exhibition 2003, and various other accolades.

Artist Vision

My sculpture will look like two parts that are tied by wires, but they actually are in one piece. It means that, each of us have our own way to appear on this earth, however, we are all put in a bond somehow, it is called relationships. So, we are one. We are Together.

On the stone, I make roads and stairs and people. They are on their own way to find their own destination. And, the end of all our searching is the Life. Everything we do is for bringing us the beautiful life. That is why after all roads, I make three steps on the top of the stone, there, we are the winners. This will be the important part of my sculpture.

I also want to keep the stone in its natural shape. It is only a stone if you look at it from far, but when moving closer, you will find something on it, and you will discover the story.


Lovewell Pond

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