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We Are

we are - location
we are - location

Tony Jimenez, Costa Rica


Tony Jiménez was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 1978. He began sculpting at the age of 19, using wood as his preferred medium. His creations are characterized by movement and dynamics, and fine finishes that bring out the texture, quality and color of the wood.

Tony’s art integrates materials such as chains, wires, and stones or sculpted elements that stand out in their dynamic and surrealist style.

Examples of Tony’s work can be seen in Nashua at Park Social at Labine (La Familia – 2103) and at Lovewell’s Pond (For the Love of Friendship – 2017).

Artist’s Statement

We Are

This work represents the beautiful city of Nashua. With its people of different races, cultures, ages and minds. All as part of one.

We share strength, wisdom and beauty.

We Are One.


146 Main Street

View sculpture map here.